Minecraft Legends out now on Switch

Minecraft Legends, a game based on the successful franchise, is available for the Switch among others since 04/19/2023. Minecraft Legends is a real-time strategy game in which you fight against an army of Piglin that pushes out of the Nether and wants to devour absolutely everything. You team up with opponents from the original game as well, which sounds quite amusing.

You can find the game here. Here is the launch trailer:

However, the reviews that have been released so far do not read very well, especially the Switch Version:

  • NintendoLife (4/10): “Minecraft Legends, at least on Switch, is an average game at very best, but frustrating controls, terrible AI, and repetitive gameplay. […] Minecraft Legends on the Switch simply isn’t worth your time or money.
  • Eurogamer: “Minecraft’s blocky charm is present and correct, but the rest of Minecraft Legends is only as deep as the skins it wants to sell you.”
  • VG247 (3/5): “Minecraft Legends is gorgeous-looking, and is thrilling in how it presents the Minecraft world from another angle. It also has a solid backbone for a captivating RTS. It just doesn’t go far enough. […] I can’t help but feel like this should’ve been so much more.”

Other reviewers seem to be more pleased with the game:

  • IGN (7/10): “Minecraft Legends is an engaging strategy game that capably combines the established Minecraft world with a streamlined RTS structure.”
  • Game Rant (4.5/5): “But in spite of its few shortcomings, Minecraft Legends is still a bold and exciting new direction for a franchise that continues to stand the test of time. […] Minecraft Legends is approachable, captivating, and just a really good time.”

Overall, the game seems to be a good starting point for newcomers of the RTS genre and aims at younger players that love Minecraft.

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